UA Skydivers

Have you ever dreamed you could fly?! Well now you can!

Come fly with the UA Skydivers and enjoy discounted prices!

Those who complete a course and qualify for a USPA license will also qualify for discounted gear rental.

Check below for UA prices

Michael Jenns recent AFF
Level 2

Pack Opening.
The instructors watch as the bag lifts off. Note the ripcord in Michaels hand.

Michael gets line stretch as the instructors leave. Still has a grip on that orange handle.

Jessica Pigott Tandem

Steve Crane From Pittsburgh

Tandem Landing

Katie Goff's First Static Line

Our Swooping Pond
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Canton Air Sports
Training Skydivers and Skydiving Instructors Since 1974
1 (800) 772-4174

Canton Air Sports is located three miles North of Alliance, Ohio on State Route 225.
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There's Nothing Quite Like It..... Skydiving is a one-of-a-kind thrill. For many, it involves overcoming fears to achieve a higher level of confidence and freedom.

Watching your parachute deploy on your first jump and taking in the view from thousands of feet above the beautiful Berlin Lakes Recreational Area is an incredible experience. The adrenalin rush will last for weeks and the memories for a lifetime.

You can do just a fun tandem skydive or sign up for our Tandem, Instructor Assisted Free Fall license progression program.

Canton Air Sports is offering UA Skydivers the following rates which includes instruction & gear rental.

Jump Type Regular Price UA Skydivers Total Price
Tandem Skydive $229 $179
Subsequent Tandem Skydives $189 $169
Skydive Type Regular Price UA Skydivers Total Price
TIAF Level 1 Skydive (Includes Complete First Skydive Course) $279 $249
TIAF Level 2 & 3 $199 each $179 each
TIAF levels 4 thru 7 (one Instructor) $159 each $139 each
TIAF Solo Package
First Skydive Course and first 8 levels ... one Skydive per level plus one solo Skydive. (Total of 9 Skydives)
$1375 $1275
TIAF License Package
First Skydive Course and first 8 Levels
(1 skydive per level)
5 skydives With a USPA Coach
12 Solo Skydives ( Total of 25 Skydives)
$2395 $2195